4 Problems with Kodi Not Working & How to Fix Them Yourself

Problems with Kodi Not Working

Kodi Android TV is an open-source and free media streaming box using which a user can watch any kind of video, audio or other digital media of every format. It is available in almost al;l formats such as codec, android, ios, windows, macOS, and Linux. Addons are the only thing that makes the Kodi TV to stand alone at the top of all other smart TVs. This all is due to the availability of the Addons which allows you to watch all types of content just like movies, serials and play games.

However, sometimes the users come across multiple issues with either Kodi not working well or not streaming from time to time. We have listed the 4 Problems With Kodi not working and with the potential solutions of How to Fix Problems in Kodi.

Problems With Kodi and Solutions

  1. Kodi Crashes, Freezes, or Has Strange Bugs

Sometimes, you may face these kinds of problems with Kodi Android TV that it is not working according to your expectations. Many complaints are receiving about random crashes, freezing and strange errors.


  • In this case, first, you have to make sure that all the apps are updated to the newest version? In this case, the users should keep their Google Play Store or Apple Play Store on auto-update mode in the case of Android or iOS. However, if you are using Windows, then you can update automatically if you have installed Kodi via Windows Store. If not, then you are required to download the installer and update it then.
  • Next, hardware acceleration is one of the main causes that lead to Problems With Kodi Not Working. If it is disabled, it would be a chance to fix almost all issues you are facing. To resolve this error, go to the setting, then open the player setting. Here, you would watch a gear icon at the bottom left with the basic or standard word. Scroll it down and set it to expert mode. Under video setting, toggle down to “Allow Hardware Acceleration” & set it to disable.
  1. “Failed to Install A Dependency” Error

The most occurring Problem with Kodi TV is “failed to install a dependency” if you have used Kodi for a long time. This error may probably happen several times with you. Some files may require to be installed with Kodi Addons or build they are dependent files. You can see this kind of error occurs when these files are not downloaded or installed properly.


  • Removing the cache from the Kodi device’s setting may be the solution of this error. Keep following the steps to clear the cache as mentioned early.
  • Othe case of this kind of problem may be the Addons27.db file corrupted and causes errors. To do this, just move to SettingàFile Managerà Profile Directoryà Next, choose the addons27.db file and send it to the Bin. Again, return to the home screen and exit the opened application. Open the app again and now you can add addons and remove the issue.
  • If the above-mentioned tricks are not working then the final trick is to uninstall the app and re-install it. This would assist in removing the problem with Kodi but you have to add all of your favorite Add-ons again and clear data.
  1. Add-Ons Causing Problems With Kodi Not Working, Crashing or Running Slow

A few add-ons, especially those ones that are not updated in a while leads to cause issues and result in Problems With Kodi Not Working or slowing down.


Kodi speeds-up to 5 times by deleting sources, addons, and repositories that are no longer with updations status.

  • Deleting an Add-on: Switch to Add-ons & select the open box-like icon. Open and tap my all add-ons. Here from the list of add-ons, click on that one which you want to remove or delete in the next page that opens.
  • Deleting a Repository: Same as the above-stated points, go to addons and click on the add-on repository. Similarly, open a repository that you want to delete.
  • Deleting a Source: just go to the gear icon (Setting)à file manager. Click on the desired source that you want to delete/remove after allowing the permissions and tapping confirm.


  1. Video Buffering For a Long Time

Most of the users come to face the problem of video buffering on Kodi. A large number of buffering issues are recorded. Here is the solution.


It may happen to find a video which takes a long time to load, it is possible the problem of slow network. First, make sure that the connection speed is enough to load the video? Then contact your internet service providers to resolve the problem.

Sometimes, many ISPs may attempt a try to block your IP or ban the content for which you are accessing showing the Kodi Not Working Properly message. To resolve this kind of problem, the only solution comes to use a VPN to unblock content.

Kodi is popular among all smart TVs due to its scaling up the low quality into high definition results. This video scaling may provide the result of stutter while watching. To remove this error, go to Settingà Player Settingà Basic/Standard. Toggling it and clicking on the Expert will give you the appearance of Video Setting. Under Video Setting, toggle it and enable HQ scalers for scaling high result. Now, reduce the value to 10% and wait for it to see if reduces stuttering. If it happens nothing, you are welcome to disable the video scaling feature by setting it to zero.