There are hundreds of TV and movie apps available on Kodi Android TV and they lie in every genre that you can imagine. Some of them are worth the effort it takes to install them, however. While other sites redirect to third-party options like Fen and Seren, official addons such as Xumo, Crackle, Tubi and others provide the best streaming experience of movies apps on Kodi. We’ve researched through a wide number of repositories to locate the 5 Best Movie Apps For Kodi that will permit you to watch movies on Kodi to your heart’s content!


5 Best Movie Apps For Kodi That Really Work in November 2020

1- PlayOn

If you want to integrate paid streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video into Kodi, the best cross-platform solution is PlayOn. For USD 4.99 per month, it saves streaming DVR video files in MP4 format for playback. There is also a feature that makes it easier for you to block ads. You will need a Windows Personal Computer to record the video onto using the PlayOn Media Server addon. But the Kodi app works on any operating system. 

PlayOn is a fully-legal and interesting way to connect your paid streaming accounts and fully integrates with the Kodi media player. 

However, since Kodi 18 added DRM support, apps are once again available for Amazon, Netflix, and Prime Video, so PlayOn isn’t technically necessary to access those anymore. One of the advantages of this is that you can use it as a backup. 

2- YouTube

YouTube remains a famous source for movies and TV shows. Any TV show or movie, whether full episodes or video clips, that you can find on YouTube, you can find easily and quickly on the YouTube App. The best part of using the YouTube app over accessing the site through a web browser or other options is the fact that you can bypass all of the somewhat annoying side banners and video suggestions. The fact is that you don’t even get the annoying ads that go before your video. When trying to use the YouTube app, you won’t be able to access content until you pair your device. When you sign in, you will get an activation code and have to go to to pair. You need to do this again for it to work.

You will find the YouTube Kodi app in the official Kodi Addon Repository. 

3- British Pathe

Read this: 85,000 videos. That’s right, the British Pathe Kodi app offers access to British Pathe and its wide library of classical and historical videos from around the world. You can browse through many different unique collections, including those country profiles, covering war, British royalty, seasonal content, sports, and political figures. You can even browse up to a decade. The content library was back in the 1890s and has been titled as recent as 2000-2009. 

Note that not much is said about the full-length films in this service. However, it’s a boon for history leathers.

4- Crackle

The Crackle app feeds the Crackle movie library directly to Kodi for free. A few words come to mind whenever you talk about Crackle. Specifically, those words are ‘how is any of this legal? “ Wonderful enough, it’s all perfectly legal, as Crackle is Sony’s free but licensed online video library that offers a wide range of movies. Given that Sony is a film powerhouse, Here you will find some great content that you should not be surprised to find.

That includes the action film Bad Boys, Smith boxing movie Ali, and the 2005 comedy remake of Guess Who. Many versions of Crackle exist in different Kodi app repositories.  However, the one you want is found in arachnophobia storage.  

5- Internet Archive [Video]

Into classic, license-free movies? Internet Archive [Video] is the app for you. 

Internet archives are an online database on a scale that includes all kinds of content, from software to music. Sort of like the library of Congress for the internet, the Internet Archive also has a wide video library which you can easily get by Kodi. As there’s no subscription or paywall necessary to view the content, you will be able to watch classics like His Girl Friday and You Like it with a little try.

The Internet Archive [Video] Kodi app is fully legal, but you won’t search it in the official Kodi app storage. Instead, you will need to turn to the MetalChris add-on storage.