The cost of an android tv boxWhen it comes to cord cutting and focusing on streaming content, there is no shortage of hardware options available, which may cause confusion.

In this article we are going to try and solve that confusion and make picking your streaming device a breeze by discussing the best Android TV boxes available right now.

You may ask how much is an Android TV box, and the truthful answer is it depends. How much an Android TV box costs depends on what features you want from it, like how responsive do you want it to be, what quality of video do you want to stream (720, 1080, 4k), and what additional features do you want.

Below we will discuss three different tiers of Android TV boxes, good, better, and best. By the end you will be able to decide which price tier is right for you, and be able to answer for yourself the question, how much is an Android TV box?

Android TV Box Price Tiers

High End

Let’s start with the ‘best’ tier because these are the devices that will offer you the most value. They are pricier than the rest, but your money will be well spent on these and you will not be disappointed with the quality.

These 2 TV boxes are highly recommended for those of you that watch a lot of TV and movies and want the ultimate experience.


This is hands down the best Android TV device available right now.

It has the most power out of all the listed Android TV boxes, and has the ease of use you would expect for what you pay.

It can stream 4k HDR content over HDMI, it can connect to your Wi-Fi network, or use its ethernet port for a wired connection. It supports thousands of apps, and has plenty of storage, including expendable storage to store all the apps, and videos you may want.

As a bonus it is also great for gaming. You can purchase a dedicated gaming controller or use an Xbox controller to boost the gaming experience.

Fire TV Cube

If you are already living in the Amazon ecosystem, using Amazon Prime or Prime Video, then this is the Android TV box you want.

All Fire devices including Fire TVs run a custom version of Android, so you can still install most Android apps including the big streaming app Kodi.

It supports up to 4k Ultra HD, which many Prime Video shows and movies have.

It does not have a dedicated Ethernet point, but it does have an Ethernet adapter so if you want to hard-wire it to the internet instead of just using Wi-Fi you still can.

The Fire TV Cube is also an Alexa smart speaker, so when purchasing it you are basically getting an Android TV box and a smart speaker allowing for voice commands. You’ll love this when you’re lying back on your coach or bed and don’t feel like moving to change which show you’re watching.


Mid Tier

The Android TV boxes listed in this section will cost a little less than the ones in the best section, mainly because there are not as many features, and the brands are not as well known, but do not let that turn you away. These are still very solid Android TV Boxes, and may be exactly what you are looking for.

Xiaomi Mi Box

Xiaomi is a tech company based out of China, but do not let that scare you. They started with creating Android smartphones and their popularity and reputation grew very quickly.

They grew to one of best Android smartphone builders, and took that knowledge and reputation to other tech products including Android TV Boxes.

The Xiaomi Mi Box shows all that experience for a great price. It supports 4k Ultra HDR, has a USB port for expandable storage, and works with Google Cast.

So if you want to use streaming apps that do not currently support Android TV Boxes, like ShowBox, you can easily cast the stream from your phone to the MiBox.


Android is an open source platform, which means anyone can take it and use it in their products.

Because of that there are hundreds of off brand Android Tv Boxes out there, and this one of those devices.

The reason we chose to add this one to the list is because it has some cool features, including a 12 month warranty.

The name brands do not even offer a warranty for that long.

Some of its other great features are support for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections, Ethernet port for more reliable wired connection, and a remote that has dedicated buttons for additional features.

All around a solid TV Box for a fair price.


Good Value

This section is dedicated to Android TV Boxes for a cheap cost.

At this price point, Fires TV Sticks rule supreme.

They are somewhat similar to the Fire TV Cube mentioned in the ‘Best ‘section, but a lot cheaper minus some cool features.

These will be perfect for anyone that is on a strict budget, and already tied in to the Amazon echo system like Prime Videos.

Fire TV Stick 4K

The major selling point, other than the price, is the support for 4K video on some Prime video titles.

To clarify, this will not play everything in 4K like some of the other Android TV Boxes on this list, but it does support 4K for videos that are offered by Prime Video.

It comes with an updated remote that includes an IR blaster to control your TV’s power and volume, so instead of needing two remotes, one to control the TV and one to control the Fire TV Stick, you would only need the one remote.

If 4K is a must, and you already subscribe to Prime Video, then this would be a great selection as an android TV box at a low price.

Fire TV Stick

You may think you are seeing duplicates, but note the lack of 4K in the name of this one. The Fire TV Stick without 4K is a cheaper alternative to the 4K version. It only supports 1080 video, and has a slightly slower processor, so some of the button presses may take an extra second to register.

Other than that it is identical to the 4K version, but around 25% cheaper.

So if you are on a strict budget and have Prime Video already, this is the TV box for you. It can still watch all the same videos, download all the same apps as its more expensive sibling, and also has the fancy remote with the IR blaster built in.


Those are our top picks for the Good, Better, and Best categories. Sure there are many more Android TV Boxes in each of those price categories, but we went with the ones we believe are the highest quality and value for what you are paying. Hopefully that answers your question of how much an Android TV Box costs.

If you watch a lot of TV shows and movies we do highly suggest the ‘Best’ category, since we believe in the principle of spending money on things we use the most in our lives. That means having a comfy bed and a good pair of shoes too!

We still suggest you do your own research and due diligence, but hopefully there was enough knowledge shared here that you have an idea of how much money you want to spend on an Android TV box.

Happy TV box hunting!