How To Activate Pluto TV – A Step By Step Guideline

How To Activate Pluto TV

The features of offering several streaming services, keeping track of TV shows watched, channels, or movies that you may access can be overwhelming it is not impossible. Even if services such as Netflix or Hulu do irritate your interest, they can make a large dent in your wallet.

Pluto TV comes under the category of steaming service and this free tool combines both live TV and on-demand content that may interest several subscribers. Unlike other streaming services in the market, Pluto TV is absolutely free and offers unlimited TV shows & movies, managed into a consistent and logical system of channels. Moreover, there are two steps to get Pluto TV up & running, installing and activating it. Although, you can customize it just by signing up, and then it requires no registration. The only case to activate Pluto Tv is to hide, unhide your favorite channels, and setting up your Android device as a remote. Activation of Pluto TV makes sure that you are in safe mode in your free account.

In this article, you will learn How To Activate Pluto Tv and a variety of other devices.

How To Activate Pluto TV?

In the case to make Pluto TV a solution for everyone, the service has been ported to and accessible to a wide number of platforms. Here is a step-by-step process to activate Pluto TV.

  1. Download Pluto TV first from Google Play Store.
  2. Then install Pluto Tv on the supported device.
  3. Now, launch the activation guide to proceed next.
  4. You have to go to Channel 02 or visit activation link
  5. To activate Pluto TV, you need to click on the “Activate” button that is available on the left side of the Pluto TV guide.
  6. Here, you will be asked to enter a six-digit code that is displayed on the right corner.
  7. When you have entered the registration code, then press “Activate”.
  8. You will see there a confirmation message “Registration Done Successfully”.

In addition to US availability, Pluto TV is available in other regions too. However, the negotiation of streaming rights over specific content may limit access to certain channels and content from one country to another. Also, international users can download it from the International Desktop App section of Pluto TV.

What Are Key Features of Pluto TV

Have we mentioned earlier that it has free streaming movies and TV channels? Obviously, that’s the key thurst of it. However, Pluto TV is not the only ad-supported service out there, but what is that makes it distinct from others?

  • The Pluto TV offerings are absolutely free. Just launch it and have access to a vault full of on-demand stuff. Pluto TV is set up just like a satellite package or a cable, with a channel guide full of several channels to flip between. But, these are not the same kind of channels, you will get on any paid service or even over the air.
  • There are least familiar live channels in the Mix, like CBSN and Bloomberg. However, some channels are the same in content and names but are not like. For example, MSNBC hybrid and NBC that aires repeat programs from past days, and Fox Sports channels that seem the same.
  • Some of the Pluto TV channels are themed, original Pluto TV publications that cobble together existing content from other channels such as sports channels like Wrestling, Fight Impact, and Stadium show sometimes years-old shows.
  • On Pluto TV, there are many channels for the Rifftrax and World poker tour, and channels that curate web content from different places like IGN, The Onion, Nerdist, GameSpot, and CNET. No channel of the above-mentioned appears to be live, but there is another way to check in on your favorite sources for web video – search new favorites by channel flipping.


Pluto TV is an open-source app for watch live streamings. In this article, we have described “How To Activate Pluto TV” briefly. Moreover, there are more than 75 different channels spread across several categories such as Sports, News, Geek + Gaming, Comedy, Chillout, Life Style, Entertainment, Curiosity, and finally a chunk of radio and music channels at the bottom.