Are You Worried About How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

How to Fix No Stream Available Error

Have you sat to watch a movie or a season on Kodi Android Tv? Okay! Are you facing an error message “No Stream Available” or having trouble in finding working links on Addons on Set-Top Box? Here. First, we explain what does really “No Stream Available mean” and then we will see How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error.

What Does No Stream Available in Kodi mean?

Here a misconception is found that Addons are just like some magical treasure boxes that contain information and links to each movie or a TV serial on the internet. It’s wrong for your kind information. Like multi-source Kodi Addons just as Exodus, Gaia, and Seren are simply aggrandized search engines. While on the other hand, the list of TV shows and movies that is provided by these Addons are actually from API key of service by IMDB, themoviedb or Trakt. The list of all media is traced from all of the sources after loaded in Addons.

No Stream Available

In fact, these Add-Ons saves no stream and perform nothing to the list of serials or movies for updation. Finally, “No Stream Available” means search engines are returning with links matching to your search query.

In this article, we will guide you about How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error after reading this article, you will be able to watch what you want.

Solution to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error:

If you are well familiar with a Kodi content and unexpectedly facing the problem ”No Stream Available” then this content is just for you to resolve the issue. Here is a final-cut solution of How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error and fine more links to movies and TV shows.

  1. Hardwire Your Internet Connection

Just leaving your Kodi hardwire often connected to wireless internet gives you a vulnerable to missed connections and high latency.

Actually, if you perform a speed test on a wireless and wired connection on any device, you will come to see that the outgoing and incoming speed on your router would be 10 times worse. When you search about movies or games in Kodi, your set-top box instantly reaches 30+ sources on the internet, with a match to your search query with desired media files. But, Kodi Add-Ons takes only a few milliseconds for outreaching before moving to the next source.

  1. Try A VPN

A wide number of internet service providers want to control the internet by blocking that what they are thinking are “pirate websites”. In Canada, this type of censorship blocks almost half of the Kodi scrappers.

This is the reality that you will go to more links just using a VPN on your Kodi Android TV Box. For this, we recommend you to use a VPN if you want to watch unlimited content.

  1. Try A Different Add-On

When a problem of No Stream Available occurs, the first thing that comes in the minds of users to try a different Kodi Add-On but is not so easy. Kodi addons are just search engines with two components.

The scrappers, these contain a list of websites that save media files and the Resolvers, which are hosts on which media files are stored. For this, you need to add an addon that utilizes a different set of scrapers and resolvers to show you the desired results.

  1. Search For Different Titles

A title in Kodi Android TV Box can be a tricky thing. For example, 2 decades ago a horror movie “It” released. Dome of the Kodi addons could not differentiate “It” from other movies titled with It and returned a different or no stream result.

Similarly, movies with titles of a special character often are not available by addons. Check out your search queries if you are meeting with your desired results.

  1. Fresh Start Kodi

In oftentimes, a fresh start of your Kodi may be the best source to get more links and remove No Stream Available error.

Fell free to know about How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error with refreshing the Kodi TV to start again. The mentioned solution is especially true if you have a bundle of traditional or unsupported addons installed just like Neptune Rising, Incursion or Terrarium TV. We have a list of best Kodi addons to install in your android tv box.