A Complete Step By Step Guideline How To Set Up A Kodi Android TV Box

How To Set Up A Kodi Android TV Box

You have got a Kodi Android TV Box and are worried about Installing Kodi 17.6 On Android Box. In this article, we will resolve your problem How To Set Up A Kodi Android TV Box with a very simple and step by step process. When you get an Android TV Box, it is nothing until it is installed properly and addons are added. First of all, let’s have an overview of Android/Kodi TV Boxes to make you clear about it and what will you have to configure to run a TV Box properly.

What Is Android And Kodi TV Box?

While we are letting you know what these are exactly, just for your information let’s provide you an overview of it. Kodi & Android TV Boxes run on Google’s Operating System and have full authority to use Google Play Store. You can have them from local vendors as well as from online merchants. But we recommend you purchase online as we stated in the last post.

Kodi is a source of entertainment that allows you to connect stream connection and a local connection that you already saved. But even the most advantage of this is to provide you online streaming and catching aired seasons with using Add-ons. Kodi directly connects your TeleVision bypassing cable and satellite companies & their sturdy bills. Install Best Kodi Addons to run Kodi TV Box.

How To Setup A Kodi Android TV Box?

Here we have written down a brief note How To Install Kodi On Android Box in a list. That is really easy to understand and to follow.

  1. All Android TV Boxes are available with an HDMI cable that is really needed to connect to your TV. Whether your TV does not support this HDMI cable then you don’t worry about that. It is easily available on the nearer electronic store or online as well.
  2. Now, connect the supplied power adapter in the plug of your Android TV Box and alter its power to On using razor remote.
  3. Allow the permission asked on the screen and follow the instructions to connect your wireless or hardwired Ethernet connection for a better user experience. If you are facing a problem not finding the WiFi setting then simply go to setting>wifi setting.
  4. Finally, click on the Kodi tag on display screen & follow the upcoming steps to enjoy free and unlimited content, TV shows, channels, movies and much more.

Kodi Android TV And Add-Ons

Add-Ons are some tools used for Kodi or Android TV Box to run live streaming, watching movies and play games. Installing Add-Ons on the Kodi Set Top Box feels very intimidating to everyone the 1st time when it is done. But it is very easy with following a few steps in sequence, which would be familiar after some time.

Kodi Set Top Box

Setting Up/Installing Kodi Repositories

As Kodi Add-Ons are stored in the repositories on multiple but different servers throughout the internet. If you want to know How To Setup Kodi Box with repositories with files, then you are required to follow these steps to install them on your Android TV Box.

  • For this, go to the system menu & navigate to “File Manager”. Then select “Add Source” with double-clicking on the button.
  • After that, on this screen, a pop-up message will appear that reads <none> & type in the address of repository giving this a name that saves it.

How To Install Kodi Add-Ons?

  1. After setting up repositories go back to Kodi’s main menu and click on the Add-Ons bar, here you will look an icon which seems just like an open box
  2. Secondly, click on the Install From Zip File and move to the repository in which you have interest and double click on it. And keep on waiting for the complete completion.
  3. Then again, go back one more step and select Install From Repository & within the repository look for your favorite add-ons. Double click on it and installation will start automatically.
  4. After all, some add-ons will require the basic configuration such as password, username. You can do this configuration from the configuration screen. Find the best video add-ons to view the favorite TV shows, movies and seasons.


the issue of How To Setup A Kodi Android TV Box is not toxic but simple. Just follow the instructions as mentioned above and install repositories & add-ons to enjoy a better experience. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about Where To Buy Kodi TV Box because we have already mentioned in our recent post.