Android TV Boxes are getting a huge amount of attention lately – but what exactly is a TV Box? What does it do? And why would you want one?

Here is an outline of what I plan on discussing today – I will explain what an Android TV Box is, what people use them for, why they are so popular, and what you should know before you buy one.

Don’t worry – I have the information that you need 🙂

What is an Android TV Box?

A TV Box is a small device, essentially a miniature computer, which when connected to your TV, will turn it into a SMART TV. But not just any SMART TV – an Android TV Box will turn your TV into a hugely powerful multimedia machine that can connect and access a huge amount of content. An Android TV Box will allow you to do things with your normal television that you would never have thought possible.

What is all the fuss about – what can I actually do with an Android TV Box?

Now this question doesn’t have a simple answer. It can do so many things that it is hard to simply capture in a single blog post – so let’s take a look at some of the highlights and main features which has Android Boxes on everyone’s wishlist;

  • Kodi – probably the most coveted application that is available for your Android TV Box. This application is available for Free from Google Play and can turn your TV Box into a multimedia streaming monster. With the backing and support from a huge community of open source developers – Kodi has hundreds of readily available add-ons which allow users to stream almost unlimited movies and TV shows on demand.
  • Android – as the name suggests “Android TV Box” these boxes come fully equipped with the madly popular Android OS which is widely available in about 3/4 of all mobile smart telephones. This means that you can do pretty much anything on a Android TV Box that you can do on your Smart Phone and do it all on your 55″ Television! Let’s take a look at some examples; social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype are all available. Email, Games, more video streaming services, access to online radio, and even banking. Basically, if it is available for your smart phone it can be installed onto your TV Box.

Ok I’m convinced, but there are too many TV Boxes to choose from, which do I pick?

This is a great question and the answer depends on several factors. First, what are looking to do with your TV Box? If you are simply looking to stream media with Kodi, well maybe you can get away with a standard TV Box with a minimum of 1GB RAM and an Amlogic S905 processor. This option may not be as quick to respond as more expensive boxes, but you will save some money and it will likely give you a very decent experience.

Now if you don’t like to settle for second best and need top performance you are looking for at least 2GB RAM or more likely 3GB and definitely opt for the new Amlogic S912 processor.

** I recommend that you stay away from the older and slower Amlogic S805 processor and any TV Box with Android 4.4. Just pay the extra few dollars and upgrade for the significant performance increase and a multitude of other functions associated with a newer operating system.

What about software, everyone says to buy a box the is “fully installed” is it really that difficult to install my own applications and Kodi add-ons?

Custom installed or fully installed boxes are great, they come fully set up and are basically plug and play. However this is not necessary. Most applications and pretty much all Kodi add-ons are free to download, meaning with a little research, anyone can customize a box the way they want it. So to the right person who is slightly technical savvy, it is in their best interest to install their box the way they like it.

On the other hand – a select few companies like us, The TV Box Professionals, have refined their installation process and are aware of the best Kodi builds, add-ons, and Android Applications to give users the best experience. We have already completed the trial and error and can give you a completed product that will enhance your experience and squeeze every ounce of functionality from your box. This is usually what people want and I can’t blame them.

That’s it – I hope that this article will assist you in making a more informed decision as to whether a TV Box is right for you, why you should make the investment, and where to go to get the correct Android TV Box for you.


As always, if you are planning to stream live sports, movies, and tv shows, it is always a good idea to do it anonymously. Take your internet privacy seriously and download IPVanish.