There’s no question that more and more households chose IPTV to cut their cord to save their high monthly cable bill. And this seems an inevitable trend that would never go back. In normal cases of switching to IPTV, we need to purchase an IPTV box and subscribe to a few reliable services to start. It does challenge some people that are not tech-savvy, especially elderly people. While SuperBox is providing the most user-friendly one stop cord-cutting solution for everyone.


What is SuperBox?

SuperBox is a professional IPTV box manufacturer and service provider. Its latest SuperBox S2 Pro is a premium IPTV box that comes with lifetime IPTV service. It’s a one-time payment for the box, then you get the lifetime service without any additional fees.


The Hardware Configuration

SuperBox S2 Pro sports a sleek-looking design with an LED clock in the front. Behind the TV box, you’ll find a number of IO ports available. These include an HDMI 2.0, RJ-45 LAN, optical audio, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. There’s also a micro SD card slot, an AV and IR port, as well as two external T2-TR MIMO antennas. 

The SuperBox S2 Pro makes use of an Allwinner H6 4X 1.4GHz CPU, while its operating system is the Android 9.0. The S2 Pro is equipped with the quad-core ARM cortex A53 chipset and has a 2GB DDR-3 memory. When it comes to its expanded memory, it has a support micro SD (TF) that can reach up to 128GB. In addition, this Android TV box has 16GB of eMMC internal storage as well.

The USB ports have one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0. It also comes with an AV output that’s a 1×3.5mm jack. The S2 Pro sports an external independent Wi-Fi antenna and can support 802.11 a|b|g|n|ac dual-band Wi-Fi. Its network utilizes an RJ-45 10|100M LAN and has an ultra HD 6K for its HDMI resolution.


The Detailed Benefits of Utilizing SuperBox S2 Pro

When you get the box, you will find three exclusive Apps in the App Store. Simply install these apps and you will get all the content for free.

Blue TV, it helps you to access more than 1200 national and local channels including CBS, NBC, CNN, ESPN and PPV, UFC, NBA, NFL, MLB packages.

Blue VOD, this App is for video on demand, you can watch over 12,000 movies, 2200 TV series, plus thousands of adult videos(with parental control). All content is under maintenance and update everyday.

Playback. This is a unique feature for SuperBox S2 Pro only, you can watch past live content in the last 7 days for over 40 important News and Sports channels. And it’s amazing that all Olympics channels are available. That means you would never worry about miss out any big events again! And you never need to record yourself!


How to set up your SuperBox S2 Pro?

The is the season why SuperBox is the most user-friendly IPTV box in the market. Setting up your SuperBox S2 Pro takes no time and setup is a breeze! All that you need to connect is your television and to plug in the power cable, connect to internet and then you are prepared to choose between a huge selection of television shows and movies at your leisure.

24/7 Technical & Customer service

SuperBox also provide 24/7 technical and customer service for all end-users. We understand there’s no perfect product when things come to internet protocol television. If you have any issue regarding the box, just visit SuperBox official site, and click Live Chat with our service staff, we’ll get back to you at any time of the day.


Streaming quantity and quality

The box was designed for the USA market, so the most content is English source. But it still has an amount of Canada, Spanish and Philippines channels. If you live outside of North America, you might need to take a trial to know if you’re satisfied with the content before purchasing.

The picture quality of both live TV and VOD are as good as direct TV, and more importantly, it might be the most stable streaming service. Even for big events the box performance perfectly, that’s the reason why so many picky clients choose SuperBox.



SuperBox S2 Pro comes with decent hardware specifications, the quality of service is awesome and ultra-friendly to IPTV beginners.

If you live in North America and want to upgrade your entertainment without buying a new TV, or were tired of searching for reliable services, the SuperBox S2 Pro is a great option. It costs you a minimum of energy and gives you the best TV adventure experience.