Tea TV Not Working on Firestick

Tea TV Not Working on Firestick

If Tea TV Not Working on Firestick, there is no serious reason to worry about it. This article will help you to fix common issues of TeaTV on firestick or Android. With millions of active users across the world, Tea TV is one of the best video streaming apps. Even though the Tea TV App has been made to work flawlessly, some users are facing some problems like Tea TV Not Working on Firestick which need to be fixed on Android or Firestick devices. In this article, all common issues and all possible workarounds that are explained to fix them.

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Aside from the restriction on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS devices, and TeaTV is still working on the Android App. Now, Tea Tv runs on a website where the users can browse movies, TV shows, and watch them online in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or almost on any browser. Using a website, you may face a little or no issue regarding Tea TV. That procedure seemed to work when tested but it was full of risky popups as well. Additionally, there were several servers to pick from. Some servers seemed to load while others don’t seem to load at all. However, you can use Tea TV’s streaming site to watch movies and TV shows but use it on your own risk.

Common Issues Found on Tea TV And Their Solutions:

No streaming application is 100% perfect and still encounters some errors. We have listed some errors and solutions to them which cause Tea TV Not Working on Firestick.

  1. No Links on TeaTV

Some Tea TV users often encounter problems on Tea TV no player link is available on Tea TV. It may occur when streaming links are broken or changed. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

First of all, kindly exit the app and re-open it then try to access the link again. Another effective way to resolve it, restart the system, and clear caches. If still, the link is not available to access then use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change your IP address. More, some links of movies are too old to update, it also causes the issue of no link opens on Tea TV.

  1. Can’t Download Movies on Tea TV

Sometimes, it happens that the users are not able to download their favorite movies or TV shows even using any download manager. This occurs when your connection speed is not enough or the download manager is not updated.

We highly recommend using Advanced Download Manager for best performance and higher downloading speed. All you need first is to download an ADM from the Google Play Store. After downloading, just choose a link in Tea TV and paste it into ADM. The downloading will automatically begin and speed would be sufficient to process.

  1. TeaTv Keeps on Buffering

As we all know, buffering is a common issue that affects streaming in all streaming applications. The issue of buffering is caused due to the low network between your streaming server and device. Users get annoyed when they face streaming issues using Tea TV.

To resolve the buffering issue, keep on following these steps trying one by one until the problem is not fixed.

  1. Check your internet speed
  2. Check the stream
  3. Restart your device
  4. Restart VPN to change the IP address
  5. Download instead of streaming
  1. Clearing Tea TV Cache

One of the main reasons for Tea TV Not Working on Firestick is due to the Cache. A huge amount of cache is stored while booting Tea TV. It may cause a streaming repeat or buffer. Here is a solution to remove the cache from Tea TV.

First of all, go to the setting of Tea TV and click on Tea TV. Now select the “Manage Installed Applications” there and select Tea TV. Click on ‘Force Stop Tea TV’ and clear the cache. Finally, restart the Firestick and reopen the Tea TV. Hopefully, it will work properly.


Tea TV is a streaming app but it is too old. No new version has been launched yet. For this, the users often face several types of issues which cause Tea TV Not Working on Firestick. If you are still a user of TeaTV then you don’t need to worry about it. We have explained all possible issues and solutions of them in this article. Just follow the above-mentioned steps to fix the relevant issues.