The Best VPN for Android TV

Best VPN for Android TV

We’ve taken the time to look over the options for the best VPN for Android TV and organized it all here for you to make an informed decision, because here at TV Box Pros, we know our TV boxes!

What is a VPN and why do I need it?

A VPN is a crucial component of streaming TV on Android boxes. This is because most streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC etc. are Geo-Locked (available only in certain countries) and their content is unavailable to streamers around the world. The easiest and most secure way around this is to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your Android TV Box so you can enjoy content from around the world without location restrictions!

What VPN service do I choose?

In the online word today, we have access to many different VPN services. A quick google search might overwhelm you on your journey to find a reliable VPN service, whether it be a free or paid VPN. Most services are interchangeable but there are a few who stand out from the rest. Here are some VPNs that we like based on their pricing and quality.

NordVPN – Great Privacy Features and trusted industry wide

NordVPN Homepage

When we started compiling this list, we had a few at the top of our minds because most of us use them often. Our choice for security features had to be NordVPN. Why is that?

  • Nord VPN has great privacy features. They are 100% committed to a zero-logs policy, which means they do not log the online activities of their users (privacy is far and between these days).
  • Nord VPN has great encryption features that recently won them a prestigious award (the 2019 ProPrivacy Award) for best overall VPN service. This is because they use a 256-key encryption system which is recommended by NASA for securing classified information and runs on three different VPN protocols. It’s secure. 

Pricing: 1 Month plans run in at $11.95 usd while the yearly plan is $59.00 usd for the first year and then $79.00 usd yearly after. Sometimes there are holiday deals as well. 

FastestVPN – A new service that is….really fast and affordable!


Fastest VPN has been gaining traction as one of the internet’s best VPN services, due in part to a few cool features!

  • FastestVPN is compatible with over 20+ devices and lucky for Android lovers, Android is very well supported. You will not have to worry about owning a non-compatible device as the list of compatible devices is long.
  • It works great on a multitude of devices (Roku, Kodi,Firestick, Hulu, Xbox Etc.) so you won’t have to worry about the cross platform compatibility of FastestVPN.
  • It has an internet kill switch that will block you from using the internet in the event the VPN server is lost, protecting your identity.

Pricing: A great feature of FastestVPN is the affordability, coming in at 1 Month for $10 usd or $29.95 usd for a year plan. It’s a great service for the price you’re paying.

Avast SecureLineVPN – An industry giant with a great VPN

Avast VPN

Avast is a company known around the world, with over 400+ million users of their anti-virus programs. Their VPN service is an extremely reliable tool with access to many different server locations around the world. 

Here’s why Avast competes as one of the best VPNs for Android TV on the market.

  • Avast SecureLineVPN has 34 server locations worldwide, which gives users many different options for their VPN needs. This ensures no matter what you want to view on your Android TV Box, Avast has you covered!
  • Avast can support up to 5 devices on their premium plan (which is only slightly more expensive than the basic 1 device) , meaning you get a lot of bang for your buck. 
  • Try it out 7 days for free! If you don’t like the service, you are not obligated to pay.

Pricing: 1 year plans are billed at $71.88 usd now for the first year while multi year plans are incrementally cheaper per year. 

ProtonVPN Free VPN – The best free VPN for Android!

Proton VPN

Now before we get all excited at the prospect of a free VPN, we have to let you know that no free VPN will ever come close to a paid VPN! There are lots of restrictions and data limits to free VPN services which limit the amount you can really benefit from a VPN. However, there is one free VPN that is way better than the others! Here is why ProtonVPN is a great choice.

  • Has NO data limit, which is not offered among any of the other top free VPN services. So if you are a big time streamer and can’t afford a VPN, this might be your best bet. Note: There are slower speeds because priority is given to paid users.
  • ProtonVPN is one of the easiest VPN services we tested, it’s simple to set up and use. It also contains no logging of your activities as well, a bonus for users who love privacy.

Pricing: ProtonVPN is a free VPN service but they also have upgraded services running in at $58 usd yearly. If you love it free, you’re going to love it even more when you have the paid features.

Need a New Android Device for streaming? 

We hope we helped you make a decision on what the best VPN for Android TV is, all the aforementioned VPN services are safe, secure and used by millions around the world. If you have a new VPN, why not upgrade your old streaming device? Here are some of our favourite tv boxes on the market that work great with any VPN service!