We have all seen that acronym “HTTP” which is at the beginning of a URL or a web address. In fact, you can see it right now in your browser’s address bar. The questions are; what is HTTP and HTTPS, what do they do, and why should I care?

Let’s start at the beginning – what is HTTP?

Well the HTTP acronym stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Basically what this means is that there is a specific protocol, or the set of communication rules that sends information from your computer’s web browser to the website which you are visiting. This data that is essentially being sent back and forth in plain text, meaning if intercepted by prying eyes, one could easily see the information you are sending and receiving from that website. The real danger happens when you fill out your personal and sensitive data, like a credit card info at checkout, or other personal information like your address, or even maybe your social insurance number when trying to apply for credit.

So now that we have the foundation – what is HTTPS?

While HTTPS is still just a method or set of rules used by computers to communicate between one another, the “S” makes all the difference in the world because it stands for Security. The acronym HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, and instead of a single application layer protocol, it uses a combination of protocols to ensure your security – they are called TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

The secure layer which HTTPS uses makes sure that the information is travelling via a safe route or tunnel to its destination and the SSL adds the second layer of security by encrypting the information which is being sent, which means that all your personal and sensitive data is extremely difficult to be read by anyone who is able to see the information. Today most popular web browsers support HTTPS which ensures secure Internet browsing etc. This is usually identifiable in many major web browsers by a clearly displayed padlock icon which signifies a secure HTTPS connection. Therefore it only makes sense that there are literally hundreds or thousands, even millions of websites that support HTTPS, ensuring that their users security is paramount, and allowing them to view and send information safely without threat of being spied upon. This is exactly why The TV Box Professionals uses these protocols – notice our URL in your web browsers address bar. As you can see, it starts with HTTPS –

Very interesting right…? I know that I have made a compelling argument to prove that HTTPS is the superior protocol when accessing any website, but I can hear you asking “what the heck does all this have to do with an Android TV box??” The answer is absolutely nothing – that is exactly my point!

Unfortunately SSL encryption isn’t always enough to protect user from different scams and threats that are so abundant across the world wide web today. SSL is just an encryption protocol that is used in your browser, which means your other Internet activity can still be monitored and breached – for instance using Kodi and other applications on your Android TV Box is still for the most part not 100% secure. This mean you need a different option in order to protect yourself while using your Android TV Box, and this is where a VPN is absolutely the best solution – the VPN server creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the content you are accessing and while in this tunnel your data is truly impenetrable from prying eyes.

I have always taken my privacy and security very seriously – I have heard too many horror stories about information being compromised and I am simply not willing to become a statistic when the alternative is so simple to take advantage of. I have personally used several excellent VPN services over the years, but for one reason or another, I have ended up sticking with IPVanish – they offer a fast, reliable, and cheap service which easily integrates with all my devices. This is why I highly recommend them as my go-to VPN provider.


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Regardless of which service you choose – please don’t take chances with your security, invest the couple of dollars per month and feel confident knowing that your security and your privacy is protected.

Good luck!