5 Tips And Tricks For Android TV Box You Should Know

5 Tips And Tricks For Android TV Box

Android TV Box (Set-Top Box)is getting more popularity than other smart TVs in this era. The use of the Android Kodi TV Box is not much easy as you consider. To assist you with the usage of Android TV, we have arranged the best Tips And Tricks For Android TV Box. By following these Android TV Box Tricks, anyone can have quick access to any feature of Set-Top Box with a few clicks. All the key details about this platform has been mentioned in our comprehensive guidelines on Android TV Box Tips And Tricks post. Or facing just installing addons issue then you can also have a view on How to install addons on Android TV.

  1. How To Add A Gaming Controller To Android TV

On an Android or Kodi TV Box, there are numerous games to play but it is not enough easy to pay them with a remote control. For a better experience, you are required off pairing up a Bluetooth enabled game controller such as Xbox Ones or PS4s are compatible controllers. Moreover, these are available on local as well as online stores at a reasonable rate.

How To Add A Gaming Controller To Android TV

Facing a problem about How To Connect Game Controller To Android TV? Here is trick for that. On your Android TV Box, open up a setting menu (from the cog icon, on the top right side). After that, select the Remotes & Accessories and if then you select Add Accessory, the Android TV looks for your game controller. It should be in the pairing mode. Even, you can use the controller to quickly navigate to TV’s home screen and non-gaming app as well. It may be done when it is needed by you.

  1. Sideload extra Android apps

You will often see that the Google Play Store on an Android TV is just near as jam-packed just like one of your Android mobile phones. In the case of Android TV Box, the Play Store displays only dedicated apps that are developed keeping in mind with a big display.

How To Sideload extra Android apps on Android TV Box?

Although, you can add any kind of app to your Android TV Box that is the beauty of Google Play Store’s open-source approach. We say that some applications won’t load up on a TV Box, even if you manage to apps to be installed. (You can have a quick online search in this aspect). To download more apps, the first you need an app namely, File Manager, is one of the best of the bunch. After it’s installed, go to Setting, then click on the device preferences and then security & restrictions. After that, click on the unknown sources and ensure to switch On to File Manager.

When allowing the permissions, you have to need to launch the installed app “File Manager” itself. Enable Wireless server option from the central console. It will provide you a URL where you can use the computer’s browser to download an Android TV file system. Just one thing to notice that both of the devices are on the same WiFi network.

  1. Use Voice Control And Google Assistant

Just like an Android smartphone, Google Assistant comes built-in into Android TV Box as you are expecting. The user can search for movies and serials, adjust the volume, control smart lights, check the weather updates, and so on.  All this is done by your voice using a Google Assistant.

How to Use Voice Control And Google Assistant

How to activate Google Assistant on an Android TV Box? Don’t worry, you have to open the Google Home App on Android Smart Phone, tap your avatar(profile pic) and then click on the Assistant setting. Next, select your Android TV device and ensure personal results are enabled in your device.

  1. Use Your Phone As A Remote Control

With a new Android TV Box, you get a traditional remote control, using which you can control all features on Set-Top Box. Moreover, it is too difficult to use traditional remote to setting screen options and writing text with this one.

how to Use Your Phone As A Remote Control

If you don’t want to use this traditional remote more and even don’t Know How To Use Android TV Box Remote Control? Then utilize the official Android TV remote control app to control over the TV Box with your handy mobile.

  1. Use Android TV As A Chromecast

Use Android TV As A Chromecast

Using your Android TV Box as a Chromecast, it doubles up as a Chromecast will all same beaming tricks. Acting upon these 5 Tips And Tricks For Android TV Box, a dedicated Chromecast device is available on your Android TV. To set up this feature, you don’t need to do anything __ whenever the casting feature is already working on your device. You’ll see an Android TV device as an option on Android mobile. In extra, you can also use your phone’s screen on Android TV Box just with a Screen Cast option in the quick setting.