TV Shows Not Working on Kodi

TV Shows Not Working on Kodi

It is always annoying when Kodi users face a problem, especially as it is difficult sometimes when you can’t find the root cause of the error. But the most faced issue on Kodi TV Box has been TV Shows Not Working on Kodi. It’s not been easy to resolve this issue by your own self. Here is good news that most of Kodi’s issues can be fixed in a few steps in the latest edition. This guide will assist you to resolve the most common issue of TV Shows Not Working on Kodi.

Almost every Kodi Add-on source the TV Show content from a centralized database named as TVDB. Recently TVDB faced a scrapping problem due to which several Kodi Add-ons were affected. In the latest version of Kodi Leia 18, such types of issues are fixed. Now, it’s upon you to update your Add-ons enriched with the latest features. Once you update the Add-ons, TV shows will automatically start working well again.

This kind of error seems to be affecting the TV section most of Kodi Addons. However, movies are not affected.

Reasons for TV Shows Not Working on Kodi?

Are you passionate about watching live TV Shows? And, today have you missed your favorite TV show? There may be several reasons for not working on TV shows on Kodi. Some reasons are explained below to help the Kodi users to resolve the problem.

  1. Are You Using an Abandoned Add-on?

Kodi has been a bit of a game of whack-a-mole in the last some years. Addons for Kodi are developed, get popularity, and then disappear from the screen. Besides, if you are still using Genesis, it was replaced by Exodus! But, if you use Exodus, it has been replaced by lots of different addons. It may raise an issue for your TV Shows Not Working on Kodi.

  1. Did You Just Install a New Repository or Add-on?

It’s not necessary to restart Kodi after installing a new repository or addon. But in some cases, it requires to be restarted after adding something new. This may also cause a problem for not showing TV shows.

  1. Is Your Internet Speed Fast Enough?

If you are continuously facing the issue of TV Shows Not Working on Kodi or having buffering problems. Then, surely it is the main reason for your Kodi not working properly. You just need to have a connection with higher internet speed.

These were the reasons for Kodi TV Shows not working properly. Here are the solutions to this problem.

CDATA Error Solutions If TV Shows Not Working on Kodi


From a resource, the Crew and Numbers Addon teams recently announced about pushing up updates that fix this problem. You can install these mentioned addons on Kodi TV Box to resolve this error. For Kodi Xanax Build users who have already installed, they should automatically update the next time when they launch Xanax.

The most important: If you have installed one of these two addons (Numbers & Crew), you need to clear the cache. You can do so by moving the ‘Tools’ section of your installed addon. Just click on the ‘Clear All Cache’.


A few Kodi addons like as Exodus Redux includes a ‘TV Calendar’ section within a TV Show category. This TV Calendar feature is useful for watching after air shows. If you know the date of the aired TV show, then it is simple to watch your favorite TV show again. It’s a good solution to your problem with TV Shows Not Working on Kodi. For this, you just have to remember the date of the TV show.


For users with Android-based devices like NVIDIA SHIELD, Mi Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, etc. There is a very simple way to install the ‘UnloockMy TV’ app on your android device which will permit you to watch TV shows.

That’s a very easy and simple source that probably works better than all other Kodi Add-ons. And you should be using it as your ‘go-to‘ for movies and TV shows.